936 Jackson Street

Roanoke Rapids, NC


At Rosemary Baptist Church, we believe we are called to be an example of Jesus Christ in word and action. You will see members of our congregation sharing their faith in private conversations, and by public acts of mercy. Loving the people of our community is important to us, so we pray for opportunities to share our faith and show kindness to people in need. Frequently, we will provide food, rebuild a home, or build a ramp for those around us who need great help. We find God’s blessing in these acts.

We believe we are agents of the Good News of Jesus Christ in all of our lives. Scripture teaches us that every believer is called and gifted to participate in the mission of God to save humanity. So we value and use the giftedness of our members. We try to get our members connected to ministries that bring out their greatest passions and energies. When that happens, the members find great joy and the Good News of Jesus Christ is expressed most fully.

We believe that nurturing the faith in our young people is vital to the mission of the Church. So we strive for excellence in our children and youth ministries. We train our young in the faith, the value of mission work, and in the importance of living their faith in a difficult culture.

Most of all, we believe that God is worthy of our worship. So we gather for worship with great expectation that God will speak to us. As in any community of faith, the gathering for worship forms the center of our activities. Great care and prayer are central to the planning of our worship services. We strive to have worship that is joyful and focused on our God and His saving acts.

We invite you to join us, in worship and in work. We are Rosemary Baptist Church, and we believe.