April 4 - May 9: "Living on a Prayer" Understanding the Power of Jesus' Prayers

To learn how to pray, we need only read the words of Jesus. To understand how to approach the throne of God, whether in joy or in sorrow, we need to look no further than the Scriptures. In this study, we will analyze the prayers of Christ, understand the original translations, and apply them to the 21st-century world. Christ's words are for us yesterday, today, and tomorrow - His prayers are as powerful now as they were when originally spoken.

Lenten Season: "Six Hours One Friday" Discovering the Redemption in the Pain

Studying the Passion of Christ is not an easy task. However, much can be learned about our Messiah - and our salvation - by discovering the meaning behind His actions. Discussing the brutality isn't necessary; our focus will be on the love of Christ that was present in every act of His final days. In those six hours, the world was made whole - and our lives and eternities were forever changed.

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Roanoke Rapids, NC


January 10 - February 7: "Can I Get a Witness?" Exploring the Miracles of Christ

The miracles of Christ are more than just stories. They are more than sermon fodder. They are living examples of our Messiah's time on Earth - and they offer us all great hope more than 2000 years later. This study will look at several of Christ's miracles, from both a historical and a spiritual perspective, in order to better understand the wonder and majesty of our Savior.

Wednesday nights are a special time at Rosemary Baptist Church. We believe in fellowship - and we certainly believe in food! - so we gather each week for dinner and a Bible study.

Throughout the year, we study different elements of the Christian faith. Whether it is a particular book of the Bible, important events in the life of Christ, or the difficult Scripture verses that raise questions, we come together as a church family to grow and learn in faith.

During the next year, we will be studying several different things, culminating in a more "full circle" approach to the life of Christ and the purpose of His church. 

To sign up for Wednesday night suppers, please call the church office by Tuesday at noon, or simply tear off the form from the bulletin and place it in the offering plate each Sunday morning.

We look forward to learning together!