936 Jackson Street

Roanoke Rapids, NC


Within the church community, worship is a fundamental element of the church experience for most.  It is how the church unifies itself to the will of God, offers praise for the gifts that God has bestowed, and buoys itself for the week ahead – a week that finds its members often outside the sanctuary of fellow believers.  At its core, worship is vital to spiritual health.  At its heart, worship is the capstone of Christian fellowship.

At Rosemary, we believe in worship. We believe it is a holy time when we have the opportunity to experience the presence of God in a personal and unique way. We also believe, in order to have this experience, all elements of worship must be the very best we have to offer our Savior. From prayers to music, Scripture reading to sermons, our worship service is focused on praise. We have a traditional service that blends in contemporary elements, providing something for everyone.

Join us on Sunday mornings. It is the day that the Lord has made. We always rejoice and are glad in it!​​

Should we wonder how we are to worship as believers, we need to look only to the story of Mary and Martha.  In Luke’s gospel, we are first introduced to the two women who played such a significant role in the life of the Messiah.  And yet, even those he loved most were not without their flaws.  As Martha busies around working, Mary simply sits at the feet of our Lord listening.  As we know, Martha is furious and tells Jesus about the unfairness of her sister’s behavior.  Jesus takes the opportunity to remind Martha of the appropriate response to the presence of the Savior – to stop and simply offer the self.