936 Jackson Street

Roanoke Rapids, NC


As a youth group, we participate in mission projects, retreats, Bible studies, and countless other opportunities for fun and fellowship.  Our focus is on growing together in Christ, discovering God's plan for our lives, and developing friendships built on a foundation of faith.

An important element to our youth group is our mission statement.  As a group, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, working together to always live up to the expectations of our Savior.  It is with those expectations in mind that we developed the following statement:

We, the Rosemary Baptist Church Youth Group, are a welcoming and accepting community of young believers united in Christ through biblical exploration, missions, and fellowship.

So, What Do We Do?

Sunday School: Our Sunday School curriculum this year was chosen specifically with our youth in mind.  We are focused on the impact of Scripture on their lives, recognizing that Christianity doesn't end when you walk out of the doors of the church.  

Sunday nights: Called SNL for “Salt ‘N Light,” this time together is focused entirely on fun and fellowship.  We try to focus on how to live life as a Christian.  Building on the approach to Sunday, we try to focus less on the basics of Christianity and instead focus on living the Christian life.  Whether we are playing games, watching movies, or eating dinner together, it provides the youth with the opportunity to foster relationships with each other that will help them throughout the week.

Come join us!